Scissors Training

These plastic preschool training scissors are the BEST!  I love these scissors for little hands that are just learning to cut.  When my son was a toddler, I watched him struggle to use scissors.  Using scissors to cut is no easy task for toddlers, and requires strong hand and finger muscles.  And most children this age are still developing their fine motor skills.

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There are two main reasons for putting scissors into the hands of toddler/preschool aged kids.  Using scissors develops the child’s fine motor skills – this is super important, as it lays the foundation for writing, feeding, and using buttons and zippers independently.  Learning to cut with scissors also strengthens bilateral coordination – which basically means using both sides of your body simultaneously, while doing two different things (one hand holds the paper, while the other hand cuts).

However, being able to use scissors to cut proficiently doesn’t happen overnight.  It requires A LOT of practice!

I found with regular preschool scissors, my kids gave up super quick.  I tried a few different scissors before I came across this one.  And this one was a game changer!

The scissors come with a little training lever. When the child makes a cut, the little lever forces the scissors to open up – which teaches the child that once you make a cut, you need to open the scissors to make the next cut.  Did I not already mention… GAME CHANGER?!  My kids were able to figure out the mechanics of using the scissors all on their own!

The scissors are pretty lightweight, have round tips, and the blades aren’t too sharp to do too much damage, but also not so blunt that they don’t cut paper (I once purchased “preschool” scissors that didn’t cut paper properly – very frustrating for a kid just starting out).  As with any scissors, and at whatever age your child may be, always teach and have your child practice scissors safety! I found these scissors at my local Dollar Store and More.  However, they can also be found on Amazon.

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