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Creating Your Own Faux Brick Wall

A brick wall can make a space look industrial, rustic, cozy, and even modern, depending on how you style it.  However, installing a real brick wall is quite expensive and labour intensive – not to mention, it is very permanent.  

Materials to Get Started

Paint For The Wall (Mortar Colour)

Paint Tray & Roller

1 Inch Painters Tape

Sample Size Paint – Use 2-3 Different Colours (White & Medium Grey Were Used)

Small Paint Tray or Dish

Sea Sponge or Paint Brush


Laser Level (or Any Beam Level Will Do)

How Long Did It Take?

Total time to complete everything took 6 hours (not including paint drying time).

Total Cost



1 Inch Painters Tape


Paint For The Wall (Mortar Colour)


Sample Size Paint


Small Paint Tray


Sea Sponge


Total Cost



Base Paint

Paint the wall a neutral colour (white, off-white, or grey) which will act as the mortar for the brick wall.


Horizontal Tape Lines

Using a laser level (or level of your choice), place the tape in rows horizontally 3 inches apart.


Vertical Tape Lines

The bricks are 10 inches long.  Cut the tape into 4-inch strips and tape vertically in between the horizontal tape lines.  Space the vertical tape strips 10 inches apart.


Decide When to Stop

As you work, decide if you want the faux brick for the entire wall, or if you just want it in the corner as I did. 

My initial plan was to do the entire back wall faux brick. However, as I started working, I began to lean toward only doing the faux brick in the corner and fading out.

Play around with how much brick you want before you start painting.


Painting The Bricks

Pour a little bit of each paint colour you chose for the brick into a small paint tray or dish. 

Using a sea sponge or a small paintbrush, dab the paint in the tray, and then dab it on the wall. Make sure you don’t have too much paint on your sponge or brush, or else it will look blotchy. 

Layer the different colours onto the brick to make it look realistic.  Remember, no two bricks are ever alike!


Take a Step Back

While you paint, periodically take a step back and see how you like the progress that you’re making.  You may lighten or darken the paint, or add more of a certain colour. 


Peel The Tape Immediately

Remove the painter’s tape immediately – don’t let it dry with the tape still on the wall or else it may peel the paint off.   


Admire Your Work

Once you’re done, take a step back and admire your work!


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